Alley-oop Talk-Episode 93

Houston Rockets started their pre-season trip in Asia, of cause Jeremy Lin will be one of the star!  (more…)

Alley-oop Talk-Episode 92

alley-opp talkShould Boston trade Rajon Rondo? Dwight Howard looks good at Houston? Derrick Rose finally back in preseason!  (more…)

Alley-oop Talk-Episode 89

PG VS PG! Derrick Rose is finally back this season, while Rajon Rondo will rest at the beginning of this season.


Alley-oop Talk-Episode 88

Lamar Odom battle with drug addiction, while Caron Butler reveal his past; also Gary Payton inducted into Hall of Fame.


Alley-oop Talk-Episode 86

Chris Paul named NBA players’ union president, what can he do and what will he do for the players? (more…)

Alley-oop Talk-Episode 85

LeBron James Police Escort to Jay Z Concert No Big Deal? And is a good thing he’s running for NBPA Prez? (more…)