作為劍手/學生/女兒,要面對不同的挑戰已是勇氣可嘉!四年後,她將要面對更大的挑戰。 (more…)

A Lam Shin Incident with Kay Sze

A Lam Shin of Korea sits and waits to hear the outcome of an appeal to overturn the judges ruling on an issue of a delayed clock that caused her to loss her bout against Britta Heidemann of Germany during the Women’s Epee Individual Fencing Semifinals on Day 3 of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Kay Sze, a rising athlete who had just recently got silver in the Canadian National Fencing Championship and gold in the BC Provincial Fencing Championship will talk about this incident and her dream to the Olympic.


你知道劍擊是甚麼嗎?一個女劍手的經歷是怎樣的呢?聽聽我們的訪問吧。 (more…)