女劍手史家欣訪問 (征戰歐洲)

女劍手史家欣Kay Sze,正在為她的劍擊生涯努力,為完成奧運夢而奮鬥。 (more…)


作為劍手/學生/女兒,要面對不同的挑戰已是勇氣可嘉!四年後,她將要面對更大的挑戰。 (more…)

獎牌之路 – Rosie MacLennan

Rosannagh “Rosie” MacLennan (born August 28, 1988) is a Canadian trampoline gymnast. (more…)

獎牌之路 – Derek Drouin

Derek Drouin (born March 6, 1990) is a Canadian high jumper from Corunna, Ontario. (more…)

獎牌之路 – Jasmin Glaesser

Jasmin Glaesser is a Canadian cyclist. She was part of the Canadian team that won bronze medals (more…)

獎牌之路 – Carol Huynh

Carol Huynh is a Canadian freestyle wrestler. Carol was the first gold medalist for Canada (more…)

獎牌之路 – Brian Price

Brian Price has been the Canadian coxswain of the Men’s Eight since 2001.  (more…)

金牌加人 – Brent Hayden

Brent Matthew Hayden (born October 21, 1983) is a Canadian swimmer. (more…)