女劍手史家欣訪問 (征戰歐洲)

女劍手史家欣Kay Sze,正在為她的劍擊生涯努力,為完成奧運夢而奮鬥。 (more…)

Alley-oop Talk-Episode 93

Houston Rockets started their pre-season trip in Asia, of cause Jeremy Lin will be one of the star!  (more…)

Alley-oop Talk-Episode 92

alley-opp talkShould Boston trade Rajon Rondo? Dwight Howard looks good at Houston? Derrick Rose finally back in preseason!  (more…)

Alley-oop Talk-Episode 91

Grant Hill will host TV’s NBA Inside Stuff, Will it be aimed more at kids, or 20-somethings who watched it in the ’90s? (more…)

Alley-oop Talk-Episode 90

France beats Lithuania to win EuroBasket; One-handed Zach Hodskins is the most amazing basketball player. (more…)

Alley-oop Talk-Episode 89

PG VS PG! Derrick Rose is finally back this season, while Rajon Rondo will rest at the beginning of this season.