Draw Something Together!

你懂畫畫嗎?你的理解能力和知識廣闊嗎?你能成為Draw Something的皇者嗎?

Draw Something 是近期廣受歡迎的Smart phone/tablet 遊戲,更取代Angry Bird成為Apps榜第一位。但想深一層,表面新鮮的其實只是把一些舊的構想重新包裝再推出過的產品。那為何會如此多人喜歡這舊瓶新酒呢?那舊酒還有立足之地嗎?

This episode is prepared by Jenny, Jennie & Ken.

Deakin Ng is a Hong Kong born Canadian, he is a cantonese radio show (Hi-Liter熒火會) host/producer; singer/songwriter. He also love sports & different forms of art.

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