Alley-oop Talk-Episode 88

Lamar Odom battle with drug addiction, while Caron Butler reveal his past; also Gary Payton inducted into Hall of Fame.


Alley-oop Talk-Episode 87

Canada basketball is rising up! Can Steve Nash help as GM of the senior national men’s team ?


Alley-oop Talk-Episode 86

Chris Paul named NBA players’ union president, what can he do and what will he do for the players? (more…)

Alley-oop Talk-Episode 85

LeBron James Police Escort to Jay Z Concert No Big Deal? And is a good thing he’s running for NBPA Prez? (more…)


Boris施志浩生於溫哥華,在爸爸的感染下,自小與足球接下不解之緣。 (more…)

Alley-oop Talk-Episode 83

Does NBA Flopping fines actually work? Or should NBA do more about this issue? Ken & Deakin will talk about it. (more…)

Alley-oop Talk-Episode 82

Both Houston Rockets and Brooklyn Nets got some big changes this summer, will it work out as expected?  (more…)